Bulletin Archéo 2009



15 avril 2009: Search for Antony and Cleopatra's Tombs Begins

21 avril 2009: Ancient Carvings Reveal Pharaoh's Dark Age

1 mai 2009: Mummified Puppy Found in Egyptian Tomb

20 mai 2009: A new way of dating archaeological objects has been found, using water to unlock their "internal clocks"

27 mai 2009: Decoding antiquity: Eight scripts that still can't be read

Mai 2009: The Fortress at Qumran: A History of Interpretation

4 juin 2009: Ricostruita dal Politecnico la 'macchina' con cui gli egizi edificarono le Piramidi

11 juin 2009: Israeli team dates 18,000-year-old pottery in China

21 juin 2009: Huge Roman-era cave found by Jericho

1er juillet 2009: L'icona più antica di San Paolo

1er août 2009: 2,000-year-old ritual cup found in Old City of Jerusalem

6 août 2009: Roman Emperor Vespasian's Villa Found

7 août 2009: Archaeologists unearth 13 burial sites in Lebanon

3 septembre 2009: Egitto, scoperto in una biblioteca un framento della Bibbia piu' antica

11 septembre 2009: Earliest known depiction of Second Temple lamp uncovered

11 septembre 2009: One of the Oldest Synagogues in the World was exposed in the Israel Antiquities Authority Excavation

12 septembre 2009: Silwan archeological tunnel extended

16 octobre 2009 : Aux sources de la révolte des Maccabées

9 novembre 2009 : The quest for Cambyses' lost army

10 novembre 2009: King Tut tomb to get makeover

27 novembre 2009: The Golan is moving closer to Israel, geologists say

3 décembre 2009 : Bad teeth Tormented Ancient Egyptians

4 décembre 2009 : IAA Work on Mary's Gate Makes Jerusalemites Upset

11 décembre 2009 : archaeologists : Hasmonean rule extended further than ever thought before

21 décembre 2009 : Israel uncovers first Jesus-era house in Nazareth

22 décembre 2009 / Lifestyle of our Holy Land ancestors makes scientists think again