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Launching the Bible in Its Traditions’ Portal

In one way or another, whether editing a single note, a pericope, or an entire book, you have participated in The Bible in its Traditions in the course of the past years. We are finally getting around to contacting you from the École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem; please excuse this long silence!

Tens of us are now working in the workspaces opened on: 

We have the joy to announce the launch of our Portal and Blog 

  • The section, “Research Project,” presents the task teams book by book, a bit like the periodic table. Clicking on each book, you have access to some details concerning those who are at work on it, the person in charge of the team (if there already is one), and a list of academic resources on-line for this book (when these have been provided).
  • The “Time-Line” will permit you to review the genesis of our program and to have as precise an idea as possible of its future evolution, in particular, of future publications.
  • You are invited to notice also your brief presentation of yourselves in the section, “Our Team,” and, of course, to provide us with any corrections or modifications you would like to be made to it. I am well aware that our information concerning many of you are out of date.« 
  • To follow the research program in real time, register in “Flux RSS” (bottom of the page)  You will receive, probably once or twice a month, brief notices, in particular job openings (most for work at par [au pair] for a time in Jerusalem) or requests for items of expertise…